Hack Into The Cause

Everyone is touched by something.

Whether it’s an epidemic or a movement our lives have all been impacted by something. Each day individuals and organizations around the globe work tirelessly hoping to crack the code to find cures, resolve strife and change the world.

Hack into the Cause is an online resource designed to support those efforts by raising awareness and funds for all types of causes. Each Hack item features the name of a particular cause spelled out in computer hacker language.

For every Hack into the Cause item sold $5 is donated to the selected cause or organization.

Additionally, Hack Into the Cause is a great option for teams and individuals looking to create a unique fundraising initiative for walks, runs and other events.


Contact us at 248-872-1022 for more information.

We ask you to join us in the fight to crack these codes. Find your cause, wear the shirt, take a stand and together we will "hackit".